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Book Two: From the Ashes

When she was found barely coherent and staggering over sand dunes, word spread fast that the prophecy had finally come to pass and Lacáruna had been delivered to initiate the next expansion of this world. The trouble is no one seems to understand how. Neither does Lacáruna: Amy Darlidale, though a CEO back in her world, is way out of her league, has a price on her head, and really could use a relaxing soak in a tub.


Along with the young companions who found her, Licha and Jandro, Amy has accompanied the swaggering Colonel Dack Sangcertigre—a member of the Trotéjo, the secret society sworn to protect her—to his home nation in search of a plan to fulfill the Promise of a New Morphósis. But when Dack is taken into custody Amy is left to fend for herself. As the body count rises and she is confronted with raving rulers, military machinations, and crafty clergy, she quickly realizes there must be much more at stake than merely finding the prophecy.


Despite dark clouds that seem to follow her and the maddening peculiarities of an unfamiliar world, Amy is determined to succeed. And, since she hasn’t a clue as to how she might return to her world, there really is no other choice. A firm believer of jumping into the fire, Amy is forced to put her trust in her small core of devotees as they struggle to push forward through unidentified destructive forces.


The story picks up right where the last leaves off. Amy and Dack are soon sucked into the odd Viceroy’s conspiracies and sent on a mission.


I must say I couldn’t wait to read this second book in the series. I wasn’t disappointed either. Where the first focused on discovery and world building to the detriment of action, this one managed to take the best of the first and make it much more exciting and dangerous.

I guess my only beef is that the story leaves of on another cliffhanger. I am very anxious to read the next. As I said in my last review, this is right up my alley.


On the whole, I really like this story, and I can honestly say I will be very pleased when book 3 comes out. I have followed the author on Amazon so I’ll know right away when it is. I would recommend this to folks who like parallel worlds set in modern times. It’s considerably less fantasy  than Terry Brooks’ Landover series, but awesome in its fantastical realism.

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