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Come Back for Me

Factory manager and devoted family man Jack Anderson sleeps on the sofa because his wife wants a separation but he can’t afford to move out. One morning he receives a mysterious phone call from someone claiming to be his long lost sister.

On the same afternoon in another state construction worker and twice-divorced Daniel Percy reluctantly accompanies his girlfriend to a psychic consultation. Surprisingly, the psychic has a message for Daniel—his sister is trying to contact him.

That night across the country East Coast business executive Jason Kelly waits until his wife is asleep and logs onto his favorite gay chat room. He receives the same cryptic message as the others.

The desperate plea to all three men is the same: I need your help. I need you to come home.

Thirty years after having been orphaned and raised apart without awareness of one another Jack, Jason, and Daniel separately set out to investigate the mystery and locate their sister in New Mexico, their birthplace. Inevitably, the brothers’ paths cross. Their reunion is shocking and, while joyous at first, stirs up resentment. 

For the sake of the sister who needs them they join forces and, while becoming acquainted with one another, piece together the circumstances of their childhood. As they delve into their past, it becomes clear that each man presently stands at a personal crossroads and every piece of the puzzle brings them closer to finding their sister—and finding themselves.

Book no.3
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