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Word             Definition

Adividrio/a        Someone who can allegedly see into the past or future using a ventáque

Anuslo               Western istanté equivalent to ocático

Anvia                 Trolley-like vehicle

Anvirea              Aerial Tram

Aperdillo            Lost Redentoré souls believed to haunt the catacombs under Últimojo

Apósto                Designation of a Carados leader

Arañalianza       Enemies of Trotéjo bent on stopping the prophecy from taking place

Árbaguas           Tall umbrella-like trees north of the Chorgo 

Árbobasas          Burr-ridden tree that predominantly grows in Rescatazo

Árbocada           Tree in Baza Range with blue cascading flowers

Árbodo              Tree covered with a hair-like substance (boso) that grows in Southern Maseprada

Árbolto              Enormous redwood-like trees in the Límitota Mountains

Árbont               Mesquite-like tree primarily in Pliada & northwestern Primerabrigo

Árbopillo            Large yellow trees similar to evergreens

Árbosgo              Moss-covered tree in the Lagosla Region of Primerabrigo

Árbocan              Plant that grows in northern Rescatazo, which looks similar to a banana tree

Archaic Prose     Medial Written Language (primarily used in First Century)

Árgusos              Thick, tall shrub covered in thorns that grows in the Ojor Mountains

Arorcho               Huge flower-shaped plant that stinks and can float

Ascetic                Assistant to the minister of Rescatazo

Asielo                  Zip-line

Ástico                 Graduate students at the university Divinity School who lead religious services

Attaché               Assistant for the Director or Chief of Maseprada

Avestrandé         Large pájastia used for hauling

Avestroté            Avestrandé/radamia hybrid used for hauling and riding

Baltasarian         Dominant religion in Primerabrigo

Bébidulch           Tea that tastes like pinto beans

Bellezienda         A grooming salon

Boso                    A soft down-like covering on the trunks of an árbodo tree

Caladoca             Large pióna found in the Roculada and with northern istanté clans

Cañado               A smoked narcotic made from dried and distilled cañart

Cañareo              Leather-like substance made from the leaves of an árbocan

Cañart                Ether-like liquid bi-product of cañareo processing

Carados              Spreaders of the Truth religion in Pliada comprised of many factions

Carvuelpan        Burrito 

Cáscaracol         Bioluminescent Slug

Cayórre              Assistant to Baltasarian parrocotés

Cénarra              An animal that tastes like lobster

Cendienté           Mysterious group that could be precursor of the Trotéjo

Centación           Primerabrigo military

Cerdoté               Redentoré clergy

Cerveza               Red beverage that tastes like beer

Ciempordo          Huge fat centipede-like creatures similar to medorocas 

Cientes               Huge fish with hundreds of teeth

Círcudito            Small group of university scholars studying the same topic

Clado                  Piano-like instrument

Cocúlta               Bracelet believed to be a sign of Lacáruna

Crisinaja            Glass cube believed used by Dendos to carry the Extiguos out of Nieblota

Cucabero            Pith helmet-like hat with mesh to keep out gnats

Cucabeza            Mesh head cover to keep out gnats

Cuerpancho        Breed of avestrandé that is stockier, lower, and wider 

Cuchana             Machete

Delegate             Feinnomado clergy

Delirón              Switchblade used by the Gulador

Dendos              Two Who Are One prophet of the Carados

Destalmas         Arañalianzan eater of souls

Dópula              Runakopolis prostitute/escort

Ermera              Nurse

Ermerót             Head Nurse

Escalétre            Carados mediation/prayer done alone or in groups

Esacado              Musket-like firearm

Esacueño            Musket-like pistol

Estuternos          Insulting slang for university student

Evocasado           Mystical rituals also known as Bygone Practices

Extiguos              Nine books about La Reina's world before the Morphósis 

Feinnomado         Primary religion in Maseprada

Fensoré                Pliada military

Féro                     Gourd-like fruit

Férojo                  Hot beverage that tastes like tomato soup made from féro

Gartota                Mythical creature said to have once roamed Esterenas 

Gulador               Maseprada military

Gusánte               Small worm in the Límitota Mountains

Hembracita          Lady-in-waiting for Primerabrigo ocático - everywhere else: prostitute

Hibitado               An area in Runakopolis officially ignored

Honciano             Home for the elderly

Iado                      Menial Servant

Iadoro                   Vueltó handler

Isolationist Tribe  Istanté clans in the Outer Belt & mountain areas not affiliated with any nation

Istanté                  Member of an Isolationist Tribe

Knuckle                Measurement equivalent to an inch

La Arañota           Foe of La Reina 

Lacáruna              She who will fulfill the prophecy

Libélalas               Huge dragonfly-like creature in the Límitotas Mountains

Libélosa                Large dragonfly-like creature in the Lagosla Region

Libélosa Nectar    Honey-colored beverage made from smashed libillo

Libillo                   Libélosa  larvae

Líerta                   Substance made from an avestroté gland that inhibits sleep & enhances sex

Lupercas              Reading glasses

Lupita                  Monocular

Lupota                 Telescope

Madiño                Límitota istanté clan leader's concubine

Medorocas           Huge centipede-like creature

Mensáneo            Type of coded message used by the Fensoré

Nabaja                 A ten-legged hog-sized spider-like creature covered with a plated black shell

Nareolo                Fuel made from Cañart

New Morphósis   The prophesized return to the expanding world

Ocático                The aristocratic class

Olentroot            Sleep inducing tuber native to Pliada

Otradre               Caretaker of quimerito

Pájastia               All bird-like creatures

Pájastran            Small pájastia in the Límitota Mountains that climbs trees

Pálas                   Wingless pájastia in Pliada that blends in with the landscape

Parrocoté            Baltasarian clergy

Palace Guards    Private military for the Primerabrigo viceroy

Paluz                  Glow stick created with paluzite

Paluzite              Mineral that glows in the moonlight, the dust of which can ignite

Pescuernos         Large horned fish of varying colors harvested during spawning season at sea

Pescadorón         Member of a ship's crew who processes pescuernos

Pescicos              Minnow-like fish

Pióna                  Scorpion-like creatures 

Pollocano            Squat, stocky pájastia that walks on fours using its wings, used for hauling

Polloqueño         Small wild pájastia in Rescatazo

Polloté                Smaller domesticated pájastia with long claws - used for eggs 

Polluelo              Medium chicken-like domesticated pájastia - used for meat

Pomalvados        Large vicious pájastia hunted for their meat

Portadore           Male attendant to an ocático similar to a squire

Prácadas            Alleged book of evocasado written in gold ink

Prilabras            Language spoken by istanté also known as First Words

Primeróte           The Six Founders of the pre-Morphósis world

Pulabaza            Gourd-like plant found in Pliada the pulp of which has many uses 

Quimera             Female

Quimero             Male

Quimerita          Female child

Quimerito          Male child/children

Quimerté           People/Person

Queñosin           Handgun 

Ranjero              Non-istanté

Radamia            Pájastia that can be ridden

Raekídos            A flower with large red blooms grown in southern Rescatazo

Raejugo             Thick beverage that tastes like orange marmalade made from dried raekídos petals

Redentoré          Primary religion in Rescatazo

River Glass       Clear colored stones found in western end of the Chorgo River below the falls

Rocuso              Rock formations similar to hoodoos

Rompeca           Maze

Sandrunner      Pájastia with webbed feet

Seguidost          Lower members of Carados under an apósto

Segupercas        Safety goggles

Servadoré          Rescatazo military

Sobrudas           Motorized three-wheeled carriage

Srudas               Two-wheeled cart

Stramiento         Huge mountain pióna used for transportation and battle

Stramientito      Young stramiento

Tecaro                 Librarian 

Tecarót                Head librarian 

Threeline             Sangcertigre estate

Threestride          Measurement equivalent to a yard

Trinéot                Wagon-sled used in Esterenas

Trotéjo                Secret society who have vowed to protect Lacáruna

Tuercacha           Date cake

Venbada/o           Smuggler working in the black market

Ventáque             A piece of glass this is supposed to have come from La Reina's Tower Window

Ventégra              Rock similar to obsidian

Ventoté                Device that receives broadcast images

Vinrutas              Drink similar to weak sangria

Vispa                    Large wasp-like insect in Rescatazo

Vosagarto             Rocks that are said to be good luck talismans

Vueltó                   Beast in an istanté enclave in the Outer Belt of the Ojor Mountains

Waving Mother    An orange ocotillo-like plant in the Ojor Mountains and Hills in Rescatazo

Wheel                    Measurement equivalent to a mile

Winged-One, the  Winged being of the Pre-Morphósis world revered by the Feinnomado

Zanquilár              Albino, blind spider-like insect that lives in the catacombs under Últimojo

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