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You Are the Dream

A Wedge Between

Furious Angels









From I Heart

The Lizard Queen Volume Two picks up where the first volume left off, and once again, transports the reader back to an imaginary world that is vast and intriguing, and rich in lore and history. The language used is reminiscent of Spanish, which I studied for about two years as a hobby now about a decade ago – nevertheless, some of the words sounded vaguely familiar, and I enjoyed that familiarity. It made it easier to remember what was what, how to pronounce the words, and so on. Amy has grown a lot compared to the start of the series. Her role in the fate of this world grows clearer, but at the same time stays covered in mystery. Once again, this volume exists of three books.


You Are The Dream, the fourth book in the series, puts Amy between two warring factions as she struggles to find out what she’s meant to do, what her role is. In A Wedge Between, as the title suggests, it grows increasingly tougher for Amy to figure out who she can trust and who she can’t. Meanwhile, Amy and her friends are still on the quest to find the Extiguos and piece together the prophecy, but the story grows increasingly darker and the enemies increasingly stronger, until this culminates in Amy having to battle a terrifying foe in Furious Angels, the last part of this volume.

The story is amazing, and at times, even breathtaking. The Amy we now encounter is vastly different from the Amy we met at the start, and although she’s still struggling, she has changed a lot. The world grows vaster and larger, and the threat goes increasingly stronger. The pacing is faster than in volume one, and we’re thrown into the action almost right away.

This is a strong fantasy series with memorable characters and excellent writing, and I look forward to reading the third volume.

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