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On a summer afternoon in Albuquerque, a bus departs for Los Angeles and three of the passengers, unfamiliar with one another, are unaware of how entangled their paths will soon become. Empty-nester Martha Gregory, lacking experience in a world beyond her husband and home in New Mexico, is lured by a pre-paid ticket to reconnect with her younger sister. Handsome media executive Marc Greensweig, deigns to return from a business trip by bus, fortified by the free pass to the top of the corporate ladder awaiting him at home. Emanuel Montoya, recent college grad fleeing a painful breakup, eagerly embraces the new life that beckons when offered a place to stay in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, simmering in L. A. is William Miller, a lonely security guard, fighting a losing battle to distance himself from the troubling voices in his head. As if guided by an unseen hand, each must respond to a crisis in which their actions will ultimately determine whether second chances really do exist.

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