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You Are The Dream


Word has spread across all the nations that the prophesied Lacáruna has arrived to initiate the next expansion of this world. Although Amy Darlidale has passed tests of wits and endurance far beyond what she imagined possible, she struggles for insight into the role she is presumably intended to play in the fate of this world.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that an all-out war is being waged by opposing factions—the Arañalianza, bent on making certain that the prophecy is never brought to pass, and the Trotéjo, sworn to make certain it does. A new Trotéjo comrade, isolated for too long to provide any meaningful direction but notably dedicated to the cause, pushes Amy and her band of protectors forward in the search for more clues.

As the range of the powers of Lacáruna continue to manifest, Amy is no longer the only one seeing visions.  But nothing in her imagination can prepare her for coming face to face with the greatest nemesis of all.

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