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Amy Darlidale has returned to her world to pull herself together. Her recent experiences have taken a significant toll and gradually, as she rebuilds relationships and reconnects with her past, she regains her strength. In doing so she discovers a few clues in her own world that she hopes will help her to fulfill the Promise of a New Morphósis as she returns to the other one.


With all of the Extiguos now in their possession, Amy and her friends feel they are close to discovering the truth, but hope they aren’t running out of time. They become aware that both opposing factions behind the Lacáruna prophesy are convening while the militaries of the surrounding nations converge. Aided by a powerful new weapon, Amy’s protectors feel more empowered to overcome any remaining obstacles. But everyone has changed and each must struggle to accept the truth of their evolving principles. Despite the set backs and the struggles Amy, however, grows more confident that they are on the right path because she’s found a way to see her surroundings in a new light.



Another fine installment in The Lizard Queen series. This one focuses a lot on character development, particularly for Licha and Madu, though touching on the others as well. But these two have been forced to reevaluate core beliefs and adjust according to what they’ve experienced while traveling with Amy.


As for how this one is told, it’s a bit different than the others in that there are really two stories. One is the adventure Amy is on with her friends in their world, and the other is a conversation she had with someone in her world. Both progress together in a way that gives just enough information to pose or answer questions regarding the elusive prophecy of Lacaruna. And there are also the last two Extiguous, which seem much more applicable to the quest than some of the earlier ones. So, four stories, if you count those as well.


It’s an intriguing read with plenty to think about and guess about, but there’s also plenty of action. Besides more travel, there are new creatures to fight off or avoid, new friends and foes, and new places to explore. The rich world and its inhabitants are really easy to lose oneself in.


I did notice some rough edges as I read, but overall the quality of the book is good, and the quality of the story itself is excellent. Each of the stories in this series are of a good length as well, plenty to keep even a fast reader like me busy for a few days.


Overall, I really like this book, and I look forward to the next in the series. Folks who like epic fantasy, but not necessarily the swords and sorcery variety, will probably enjoy this as something fresh and unique that still feels like a quest on an epic scale.

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